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Sharing data

If you have collected an interesting data set, or have access to a data set you would like to share you can do so by emailing it to: You can do so anonymously.

Sharing by email

When sharing data, indicate what it is about so that the data set can be properly indexed. Information we need is:

  • Country
  • Year data was collected
  • Source of data / who collected the data
  • Name of data set
  • Data format (STATA, SPSS, SAS)

When submitting survey data please make sure to send

  • The questionnaire
  • Weights and metadata

In addition you may consider submitting reports prepared based on the data set.

If sharing by email does not work…

If for some reason, emailing a data set does not work, you may consider putting the data in the public domain yourself. Openmicrodata uses dropbox for data and scribd for reports. Both are free services. Dropbox requires installation of software. If you use these services, send us the public link and OpenMicroData will be able to include it on the website.

Anonymous file sharing

OpenMicroData shares data, even if they are submitted anonymously. It is our policy however, to only put out anonymously provided data that was collected using public resources (taxpayers money) and only 12 months after data collection was completed. The latter to give those collecting data a fair opportunity to first publish out of their efforts.

Once received, OpenMicroData will ensure that data sets are indexed, that a back up is created and the data it is put in the ‘cloud’.

If you want to license your data before sharing …

If you have a data set and you prefer to first license the data using an opencommons license before sharing it through OpenMicroData, you may want to visit the opendatacommons website first. OpenMicroData accomodates requests to make data publicly available under a Public Domain Dedication and License, an Open Database License (ODC-ODbL), or an Attribution Licence.

Be a liberator, share your data.

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  1. Deepa permalink
    March 27, 2012 21:54

    I have downloaded the Uganda Household Budget Survey 2006 from this website. I have been trying to get the long/lat data cleaned, however the errors are pretty inconsistent. Where can I find the long/lats for the UNHS 2006 survey?

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