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Anonymized, high quality data collected using tax payers’ money often remains inaccessible. In particular in limited access orders (North et al. 2007) do authorities restrict access to information. Instead they grant carefully selected researchers and institutions data access, access that can easily be reversed if the data are ‘misused’. In this way, data access policies are a means to stifle critical and imaginative use of information.

OpenMicroData (OMD) offers an opportunity for those in the possession of micro data to share them with the world. Sharing can be done anonymously. In this way OpenMicroData limits the ability of statistics agencies and governments to be selective in who is permitted to use data. OMD thus contributes to greater transparency, accountability and increased advocacy based on data.

OpenMicroData encourages initiatives that enhance free public access of micro-data in the belief that if such initiatives are succesful, OpenMicroData will not be needed in the future. One such initiatives is the Accelerated Data Program. OpenMicroData monitors this program in an effort to help strengthen it.

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  1. Deepa permalink
    March 27, 2012 21:52

    I have downloaded the Uganda Household Budget Survey 2006 from this website. I have been trying to get the long/lat data cleaned, however the errors are pretty inconsistent. Where can I find the long/lats for the UNHS 2006 survey?

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